Advice on Ethernet Cables for Gigabit Internet

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poniedziałek 4 październik 2021

I am getting Fios gigabit installed and am now wondering how I am going to supply my devices with the maximum speed possible. So, I thought of a few questions.

First, does the transfer speeds of different cables (cat 5e-100mhz, cat6-250mhz, cat 6a-550mhz) improve the speed of internet of lower quality? In other words, would cat6's 250mhz, which I know enables 10-gigabit speeds, improve the quality of gigabit internet?

Second, are there any features besides Mhz and shielding that affect a cable's performance?

Finally, I would appreciate any suggestions for (preferably shielded, if that is very important) ethernet cables, either cat5e or cat6, depending on the answer to the first question. A size of at least 50ft is probably required, as my room is about 12' x 11', although a smaller sized suggestion (say, 10ft) would also be well received. The 50ft would be for my Playstation that is across the room from my router. The 10ft would be for my PC, which is going to be right next to it.

Any assistance would be appreciated.