Which way would you choose to create a safe space?

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new to linux but learning a lot on my journey! I'm working on a new project and I'm not 100% with the nuances of the operating system yet...was hoping to see what you think?

the current project creates a safe space (edit::from viruses and malware in the main OS windows) on my computer for my banking and other needs. something that has zero chance of transferring potential malware from my main computer. the options i am currently considering are: usb or boot password protected VM.

now... i like the idea of ​​a bootable usb as i can pass literally disconnect from pc when move i am not using and correct me if i am wrong but if the os device is password protected/encrypted my main os gadget (windows) is gone the ability to write to a separate hard drive when connected and in use ibomma.

One resort option I've discovered that is quite popular among the Linux community is to use a virtual machine! of course I'm hesitant about this option as I'm still learning about them...but it seems easier and makes more sense to me. permission to install with linux in a virtual machine, because actually the virtual machine creates its own space on the same disk..

totally open to other ideas too! I'd just like to hear what you've done here!