MacOS how is KIND implemented

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I am trying to write a piece of code that instead of checking file extensions for the many different types of image files, but instead looking at the file attributes. What I can’t figure out from searching the docs is if KIND:Image is really a file attribute or simply a construct Apple created in the FinderApp to make things easier for the user.

I wrote a snippet that pulls the attributes for files with an extension of jpeg and for each file the fileType is returned as NSFileTypeRegular.

let attr = try filemanager.attributesOfItem(atPath: pathConfig+"/"+file) as NSDictionary

if file.hasSuffix(ext) {

   print ("Adding \(file) [ \(attr.fileSize()) \(attr.fileType())]")

   print ( attr.fileModificationDate() )

Does anybody know if MacOS retains an attribute for the category a file falls in to. e.g. IMAGEDOCUMENT etc.